tbpThe Billionaire’s Package

Thirsty Thursday Series #1

Kyle Autumn

Publication date: January 25th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance



One day, I’m doing my job and minding my own business…

Okay. Maybe sitting behind the desk of the richest, most powerful man in our city isn’t considered minding my own business. But I’m only here because I’m doing my job. That part is true.

I’m a package handler at National Express, and today, I have a package for Mr. Charles Masters, billionaire and CEO of Launchpad Systems, the biggest tech company in the nation. And, when I’m caught red-handed getting a little too comfortable behind his desk, he looks at me like he wants me to handle his package.

It’s too bad he turns out to be a pompous caveman.

Except he’s an incredibly hot pompous caveman. And I can’t stop thinking about him.

I can’t wait to tell the girls about this at the next Thirsty Thursday…



The board of the company I built from the ground up doesn’t approve of the way I’m living my life. In fact, they don’t just disapprove—they want me to change.

Their plan is to throw me a fake engagement party to show the world I’m a changed “family man” now. And my right-hand man sends that plan spiraling out of control when he sends the local package delivery woman into my office.

It’s too bad she turns out to be so sensitive and unresponsive to my charm.

Except she’s incredibly sexy when she’s upset. And I have to make things right.

Maybe the board was right about this “family man” stuff after all…



Who says super hot, rich, playboy CEOs don’t want to become a family man? That’s exactly what Charles Masters (aka Chaz) wants in life. After Shiree delivers a package to the CEO’s office, she finds he is no where around. She decided to sit in his comfortable chair, getting a small feel of what his life must be like. This made me chuckle, I feel like I would do the same thing, his comfy office seat would be awfully tempting to try and test out.

Chaz and Shiree end up pretending to be engaged, to show Chaz’s company that he has in fact settled down his philandering ways.  Strong feelings develop and Shiree is frightened for the future. Will this fake engagement last forever? Is there a real relationship inside the lies that have woven around the couple?

The Billionaire’s Package provides POV’s for both Chaz and Shiree, which is something that I’ve always enjoyed. I love getting to know each character and reading how they think and feel. This story was sweet and romantic while still being sensual and sexy. I do wish that Chaz had put up a bit more of a struggle transitioning from a man whore to a family man, but that’s just personal preference. This story pulled me in and kept my attention the entire time. Due to its contents, I’d recommend this for those 18 years and older.



Author Bio:

Kyle Autumn is the author of sexy contemporary romances that will melt your heart and your panties. She also writes erotic short stories series that will likely melt your panties more than your heart. She loves chocolate and pajamas. Can’t be bothered to brush her hair most days. Can always be bothered to write her pants–er, pajama bottoms–off

Her debut book will release in January of 2017, the first in a series of three romances centered around four woman (two of which are package handlers for a delivery service) who meet up every Thursday at their favorite bar. She also writes super-short, super-sexy stories to tickle your erotic bone. 😉

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