36045115Title: The Bad Ones

Author: Rachel Barker


This isn’t your typical vampire/werewolf love triangle! No other girls just happen to be murderers in prison, right? Oh yeah, and this prison isn’t typical either! It has a horrible secret, that could be killer.

Now enter the werewolf and vampire! They hate each other in their desperate fight to win her heart, but can they realize that there are worse dangers to face than rejection lurking around the corner in time to save everyone?

Who will win the fight for love and survival? Or is it just too late?




About the Author: 

I’m Rachel Barker, a fourteen year old writer. Ever since I can remember I’ve had many stories in my mind and wanted to write books, but never thought it was a possiblity. Well, now I’ve done it! I decided that I want to, no, will be a writer. Since I homeschool, I’ve taken this opprotunity to start my life now and begin writing while I have the time and advantage.

I love reading, cats, anything creepy, music, chocolate covered strawberries, and piano. Math happens to be my mortal enemy, as well as bees and grasshoppers. I have two younger brothers and a younger sister, and a pet (bearded) dragon named Sunny.

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