35122700Title: Southern Dust

Author: Caspar Vega


Gretchen Walker: A Southern belle living an idyllic life in the newly independent Alabama; worrying about the upcoming cotillion, and hoping more than anything to find a dapper young suitor from a good family. Might she end up getting more than she bargained for?

The Governor: The enigmatic leader responsible for achieving the aforementioned independence.

Roger Conaway: An enforcer trying to make a clean break. When his boss tells him a friend’s daughter has gone missing, can Roger find the girl and get out of the game while he still has a shard of innocence left?

Dominic White: An obsessive Hornbuster overcome with grief; recovering from a nervous breakdown, and actively seeking revenge for his murdered sister.


Discover their interconnected stories in this diesel-fueled, black magic powered, vampire-creating extravaganza!



Disclaimer: This book was provided at no cost directly from the author in exchange for an honest review


Southern Dust was unlike anything I have read before. It is a couple short stories that intertwine with one another. It was fun to try and piece together and see how the puzzle fits together. Each new part of the story drew me in. My favorites were the last two stories. Those last bits kept me reading. I felt a connection to the characters and really felt their emotions.

There is some mature content in this book. It does get a bit graphic but not overly so. It leaves plenty to the imagination and you get a good vision in your head of the story that is being told. This book contains something for everyone. There’s a bit of romance thrown in, lots of suspense, supernatural powers and a ton of other stuff that will grab your attention if those don’t. This isn’t a book that I would look at and decide to pick up and read, but honestly I am glad I gave it a shot!





7020738About the Author:

From supernatural pulp to hard-boiled noir to musings on politics and pop culture, Caspar Vega surprises, disgusts and entertains across many genres.

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