34873675Title: Nineveh’s Child

Author: Gerhard Gehrke


They told me the world above was dead. They lied. It was their world that was dying.
I escaped. Outside, I found a family, and I was loved. My new home had its struggles but it was very much alive.

Six years later, Nineveh came for me. And nothing would stop them from trying to take me back…

My brother told me about the post-apocalyptic Earth outside of Nineveh, a land teeming with genetically-engineered monsters and radioactive fallout. He was my only friend besides a cantankerous cat that haunted my room. But my brother spun tales to pass the time, and none of my teachers or doctors would tell me the truth about the world that was or the purpose of our life in Nineveh. My brother got sick. Other children did, too.

The last thing my brother did was make sure I got out. Most of what he told me about the surface I found untrue. The real monsters were the ones who came for me and destroyed the life I had. So I would return to Nineveh, learn its secrets, and save my brother.

But could I face Nineveh’s greatest secret without losing my soul?




12701126About the Author:

Gerhard Gehrke is the author of Nineveh’s Child, A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth, and House of the Galactic Elevator. His short story Past a Spinning Star won Anotherrealm’s Editor’s Choice award. He has written for television and is a content creator for an upcoming video game. He studied film at San Francisco State University and lives in Northern California.

For fun he photographs snakes, lizards, and insects on the hills and trails around his community.

Connect with him at http://gerhardgehrke.com.




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