Title: The Mother Earth Insurgency

Author: J.G. Follansbee


What if you learned a terrorist might destroy a structure 20 kilometers tall, murdering thousands of people inside? Nick Sorrows is an undercover agent with the Bureau of Environmental Security. He is ordered to discover the plans of Jon Janicks and The Mother Earth Insurgency, which is determined to stop the hijacking of clean energy by greedy corporations. After a riot in Seattle, and an attack on a wind power farm in California, Sorrows learns about the MEI’s most audacious plan yet. Will Agent Sorrows stop the terrorist Janicks from killing thousands?

Winner of an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Writers of the Future science fiction contest, the Mother Earth Insurgency: A Novelette is the first thrilling story in the series Tales From A Warming Planet, which is set in a near-future world ravaged by climate change.



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About the Author:

J.G. Follansbee is an award-winning writer of thrillers and science fiction stories with climate change themes. An author of maritime history and travel guides, he has published articles in newspapers, regional and national magazines, and regional and national radio networks, including National Public Radio. He’s also worked in the high-tech world. He lives in Seattle.

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