It Had To Be You

Crystal Valley #2

Melissa Kate

Expected publication: April 25th 2017 by Fire Quill Publishing


Emma Wyatt has had enough of her ex best friend and his lady killer ways. Gone was the sweet boy of her youth and in rides the womaniser. But this time he has ready gone and done it!

Oliver didn’t expect to be coupled with Emma. She was in an awkward situation and he couldn’t help the words that came out. She should be grateful, he saved her.

Now the whole town knows. And Emma is pissed! She’s going to kill him.

But a heated argument leads to a fiery moment of passion and suddenly the two are fighting an unlikely attraction that neither saw coming. But Oliver has a secret that could tear them apart…




It Had To Be You was such a pleasant read, filled with comedy, miscommunication and a broken friendship. As many great romance novels, Emma and Oliver could have solved many problems and years lost if they were just truthful with one another. Let’s be honest though, who doesn’t love the drama that comes from the characters misunderstandings and communication issues?

After Emma and Oliver find themselves pretending to be something they aren’t, a new relationship between them starts to blossom. Although the years without Oliver’s friendship were hard, Emma starts to realize that she missed his companionship. The rumors about Oliver jumping from woman to woman turn out to be false, Emma had made her own assumptions and believed untrue rumors. Oliver surprises Emma by being romantic and caring. She can’t help but be pulled to Oliver, her feelings growing into something stronger than friendship.

I enjoyed how this book progressed, it wasn’t too slow or too fast. It was the Goldilocks of books (you’ll get that reference once you read the book). The book kept my attention and drew me in from the very beginning. The characters were easy to relate to because they were very realistic. They both had their imperfections but that’s what made them so loveable. It Had To Be You gets a 5 out 5 rating from me!



About the Author:

Melissa Kate is a self confessed book-a-holic who lives in a small town along the coast in sunny South Africa. She writes contemporary romance with quirky characters and witty banter; a true romantic at heart, she loves the moment of falling in love. Her pet Beagle and maniacal lovebird keep her company while writing and often inspire senseless moments in her stories.

When she’s not furiously tapping away on her laptop, Melissa can be found laughing away with her husband (who happens to be her pre-school sweetheart… you just know there’s a story there) or scouring online stores for additions to her ever growing stiletto collection (ehm addiction).

She balances her day job and conjuring up new romantic tales with a local personal blog with arb ramblings about her life in Durban.

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Twitter: melissakate_1

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