Title: Flame

Author: Tara Heavey


Single mother Rachel and young son Ember are on the run from something.

Or is it someone?  Something or someone dark and threatening.  They hope that they are running towards a better life, a life of hope and light.  But will they be able to remain unseen and fully escape their past?  To create the future that they both desperately long for and deserve, in the heart of the beautiful and verdant Irish countryside.  Perhaps finding healing in the magical landscape itself.


Just maybe.

With the help and romantic attentions of Ben the solitary woodsman and the surprising friendship of Madame Cyn, the bosomy and outspoken cafe-owner.  And a friend that Rachel could never have imagined, a ghostly presence from the distant past, this time a positive force.

Add to the mix a mystical forest and the sudden appearance of an orphaned fox cub…

Through it all.  Can the flame of hope and love be kept alive?




About the Author:

A recovering lawyer, Tara Heavey has been writing for her life, all her life and will most likely continue to do so for the rest of her life. She has had five novels traditionally published and this is her first foray into the heady world of “Indie” authorship.

Tara specializes in themes such as healing through nature and redemption, all served up with a healthy dose of humour and warmth.

She lives in the heart of the Irish countryside, cradled on all sides by rolling green fields and undulating hills. Sometimes she feels she is on a movie set but commonly resists the urge to burst into a rendition of “The Hills are Alive” when she leaves the house in the morning. She resides with her lovely children and an assortment of pets that vary drastically in levels of IQ and smelliness (the pets, not the children).

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