Title: Early Harvest

Wine Tasting #3

Author: London Michelle


Giselle and Ryker’s relationship continues in this fast paced erotica.

Giselle must decide if she’s ready to cut ties with her father over a man that could possibly be her soul mate. But first, she should find out if her feelings are even reciprocated. Is she merely the early harvest before the prime picking or is she the one thing that Ryker desires more than anything else in this world.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains very mature content meant only for adults.




Disclaimer: This book was provided at no-cost directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Early Harvest is the third in the Wine Tasting series. It is a quick read and can be done in one sitting. This series is an erotic tale with minimal story line. There are lots of steamy, adult scenes. We are finally getting a glance of the romantic relationship between Ryker and Giselle. Their relationship is growing into something serious, no longer a summer fling.

This part of the story started out a bit slower, focusing more on the actual plot. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of descriptive sex scenes. I enjoyed reading this part of the story because it showed the two characters actual feelings for one another, not just the palpable lust between them. Giselle’s father treats her like she is still a child and forbids their relationship. She has to decide if her feelings for Ryker are worth losing the relationship with her father. I feel like her father is a huge jerk but at the same time, Giselle’s actions can be somewhat immature and childish. I am excited to see what happens for Ryker and Giselle. I recommend this series for people who are looking for a short, sweet, erotic read. Due to its contents, this is for a mature audience only.




16835498About the Author:

I am a housewife and mother of four. I spend my days looking after a brood of children.
But after dark, with the curtains pulled and the lights down low, I write stories that will ignite your fantasies and make you think about the “what if’s” in your own life.

The Wine Tasting series is a sweet, but naughty forbidden romance. With the full series already published, you can take a peek at the ripening relationship between Ryker and Giselle. Harvest your fantasies and take a sip!

The Atrocious Enterprise series, scheduled to arrive Fall of 2017, is a walk on the wild side with a man that prefers to dominate rather than love. Follow the troubled Emory Tate as he disastrously tries to have everything he desires at the expense of those around him. Will he change his ways and win the girl of his dreams or will he lose her forever to a well put together man with his priorities in check? Come find out in Extortion, Defamation, and Exoneration.

Devastated is an erotic tale following a young woman torn between taking care of her widower father and being with the man she loves. Darkness and mystery surround Annabelle as she fights for control over her own soul! The power of good is stronger than evil, right?

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