331410861Title: Two Hearts: Beyond Control

Two Hearts Trilogy Book One

Author: CJ Andrews


Danielle DeLaney will do whatever it takes to reclaim the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

Her marriage has gone stale, her husband barely notices her, and her boring sex life . . . well, let’s just say that’s about to change.

Armed with a new attitude, some sexy lingerie, and a few special surprises for Will, Danni has a plan to spice things up in the bedroom—or whatever room they happen to be in—and discover the soul-searing passion she’s always longed for.

Of course, things never go as planned.

Will’s erratic behavior and lack of cooperation challenge Danni at every turn, leaving her frustrated and alone . . . until she meets Nico. Tall, dark and sinfully sexy, his playful charm is impossible to resist.

Determined to honor her commitment to Will—that promise she made to be faithful—Danni attempts to deny her uncontrollable attraction to Nico. But his persuasive powers and sudden presence in every aspect of her life can only lead to trouble.

The harder Danni fights to save her marriage, the more Will seems to push her away, and the deeper she falls under Nico’s addictive spell.

Torn between the love of her life and the man of her dreams, Danni struggles to make a choice she can live with . . . despite what it means giving up.

But when it comes to love and affairs of the heart, some things are Beyond Control.



Some of you may have noticed this book looks sort of familiar and you wouldn’t be wrong. Marie and I received a review request from the author directly. After reading the synopsis, we were both interested in doing a review. We decided that it would be fun to both read and review the book. That way you get two different perspectives and it also helps the author get more exposure. This is something new for us, but if it goes well, it might not be our last duel book review. Happy reading!



After reading the synopsis, I was pretty interested in how things were going to turn out for Danni. This book moves at a steady pace and keeps you drawn in the entire length of the novel. There were times when I was so frustrated with Danni and her choices. I found myself just wanting to slap some sense into her. Although I respected her determination to work things out with Will, I found myself rooting for Niko. There were times that I could not believe how naïve she was being. That being said, the characters are all so realistic, it made me really connect with them in one way or another.

I enjoyed the writing style of the author. It was written in first person, so you really get a feel of what is inside Danni’s head. I didn’t always agree with her as a person and I found that to be refreshing. It’s nice being able to read a story that has well developed characters with complex emotions and thoughts. CJ Andrews writes stories that make you forget you are reading and suddenly you are wrapped up in its world.

Two Hearts: Beyond Control has unexpected twists and turns in the story. It will leave you guessing what will happen next and you won’t be able to help but keep turning the pages. Just so everyone is aware, this book ends in a cliffhanger. I can not wait until the next part of the trilogy comes out. I just need to know what happens!



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15808420About the Author:

Contemporary romance author CJ Andrews believes life is an emotional journey. She builds her vibrant characters around that principle then places them in captivating stories and leads them down winding roads filled with unpredictable twists and turns. She will break your heart one moment and melt it the next.

The daughter of an avid reader, CJ grew up in a home filled with books, mostly romance. But it wasn’t until she began reading daily with her children that she learned to appreciate the journey a book can take you on. As her children grew, CJ continued reading for her own pleasure, explored new genres, and fell in love with romance . . . just like her mom.

Before long, her own stories began to form. Characters clamored in her mind, begging to be brought to life. The desire to set them free became her passion for writing.

CJ is happily married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mom of two amazing sons. When she isn’t glued to her computer or e-reader—which isn’t often—you can find CJ in the garden, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or dreaming of her next escape to a tropical beach. Above all, her favorite moments in life are those spent with her family.

CJ loves hearing from her fans. Connect with her at www.AuthorCJAndrews.com

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