33869872Title: Absolve Me

Author: Morgaine Cameron



Sex. Seduction. Intimacy. As a licensed sex surrogate, Liza Branscombe helps people overcome their sexual issues and find ways to thrive. When a colleague requests a favor for a client, she agrees without pause. But Dominic La Sera is unlike any client she’s encountered before. Dominic is handsome, funny — and celibate. He won’t talk about the reasons why. He just wants her to help him exorcise the wicked desires he’s struggling to overcome. Dominic’s dark desires parallel Liza’s own — very personal — kinky fantasies, bringing out a side of her no man has commanded before. With each session, the line between professional and personal interest blurs. But it all comes to a crashing halt when she learns Dominic’s secret. The reason he’s long been denying his sexual hungers. Dominic is a priest. And in order to stay true to his vows, he needs to play out his immoral thoughts or forever be a holy sinner.




I’m a sucker for a good forbidden romance story. Absolve Me is the ultimate forbidden romance, Dominic is a priest and Liza is a sex therapist. Dominic has been dealing with dark sexual thoughts for a while now and has to decide if his profession is something that he wants to continue.

This book is steamy hot! It’s meant for an 18+ audience and there are some possible trigger inducing scenes. This contains dom/sub relationships and BDSM scenes. That being said, I loved it! It was a quick, short read. I do wish it was a full length novel because I just couldn’t get enough of these two characters. Also, I’d suggest not reading this while at work, I made that mistake myself. This book is seriously NSFW. It wasn’t overly religious even though Dominic is a priest, which I enjoyed since I’m not big into religion. Seriously though, you have to read Absolve Me!




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