Our Story

Everything has a beginning, and this is where we will talk about ours. Previously known as Lunar Haven Reviews & Designs, we have ventured into Ctrl, Alt, Books, and let us express how grateful we are for the overwhelming amount of support we have received for our love of reading and providing honest reviews and the passion for providing services at a competitive price.


Meet the Team


Layna formerly a reviewer on Lunar Haven Reviews and Designs and Co-Founder of Freshly Baked books. Co-Founder of Ctrl, Alt, Books!

Layna started with Lunar Haven Reviews and Designs fairly new to reviewing. However, after venturing to her own blog for a short while, she and Marie have now reunited in hopes of igniting their passion for reading and reviews once again. Having always enjoyed reading and writing, Layna has been hard at work with her first novel. Aside from reading and writing, Layna has tons of other hobbies, most of them include being a couch potato. She enjoys binge watching her favorite TV shows, listening to music, amateur photography and all things “nerdy”. Layna has big dreams of one day opening her own business, but for now, she’s typically found curled up somewhere watching Netflix or indulging in a good ol’ page-turning book.



Marie formerly of Paranormal Reads and Co-founder of Lunar Haven Reviews and Designs. and Co-Founder of Ctrl, Alt, Books!

Marie holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Master’s in Internet Marketing. She has always had a passion for writing and reading, ranging from genres like fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, steampunk to the supernatural, spiritual, and the occasional manga. She finds herself eclectic when it comes to genres as any have the potential to capture her attention. Marie is perhaps more well known for her reviews on the Paranormal Reads and Lunar Haven Reviews and Designs before she ventured out on this new journey with co-founder Layna.

Marie is currently finishing her long-awaited debut YA Paranormal novel Resisting Fate, book one in The Right of Blood Series. When not reviewing or working on Graphic Design projects, Marie can be found out and about with a camera in her hand, studying, watching movies or anime that she enjoys or working to finish her book.